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Day Trips and Running Errands with Cloth Diapers - Natural Atlanta Mama
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In my household, I am always running errands with cloth diapers in tow, even when I am going to be gone the whole day. The key to having a successful day out of the house with cloth diapers is planning.

What I Pack when Running Errands with Cloth Diapers:

  • 1 medium sized wet bag
  • 1 microfiber insert per hour I plan to be out + 1 extra just in case
  • 1-2 extra covers (more if I’m literally going to be gone the whole day)
  • disposable wipes
  • cloth diaper safe diaper cream

Yes, I use disposable wipes

I’ve seen videos and articles from other cloth diapering mamas that talk about always using cloth wipes when running errands with cloth diapers. I think it’s just too much hassle. Personally, I use the Seventh Generation wipes, because: they don’t have crazy chemicals, have a nice cloth feel, good price, and safe for face and hands. I bought one case when my baby was a newborn and still have 3 unopened packs 7 months later.

When I change diapers on the run, I throw the disposable wipes into my wet bag with the soiled diaper. Later, when I’m doing laundry I wash them with everything else, and dispose of them as I sort the clean diapers.

The Problem with Carrying Dry Cloth Wipes

At home I store my cloth wipes dry, and wet them with a spray bottle of wipe solution. If I were to do the same thing when I was out, that means I have to have a small bottle of solution in my diaper bag. I’ve got enough stuff in there. And to me, it’s not worth it to add the weight and spillable liquid to my bag.

OR I would have to find water while I’m out. Which there is no guarantee that there will be water handy when I need to change a diaper. I’ve changed diapers in my car, in the stroller, on the floor of a dressing room, on the floor of my friend’s office. Yeah, I’m not going to count on being able to wet a wipe and while changing him.

The Problem with Carrying Wet Cloth Wipes

If you were to carry wet cloth wipes, you would save your self the problem of carrying the solution. Most people who use this method use an old plastic disposable wipes container. If you store them wet and forget to take them out when you get home, they will eventually mildew. And I can’t imagine anything worst than opening up the wipes container to wipe your precious baby’s booty, only to find that your wipes smell like a middle school gym locker. FYI, the reason you don’t have to worry about this with disposables is that they have preservatives (however mild) that prevent them from molding.

Why I Always Carry Diaper Cream

I also ALWAYS have a diaper cream in the diaper bag, especially when I am running errands with cloth diapers. It just lives there.

Hopefully you will have the same experience I have had, and your kids will not have problems with diaper rash. A lot of cloth diaper users report lower incidence of diaper rash, probably because their skin can breath and they aren’t sitting with chemicals against their skin 24/7.

But, if it does happen, you want something cloth diaper friendly on hand. I almost had a freak out when we were over at my in-laws. My mother-in-law was changing Baby J and noticed a little redness on his bottom. I heard her running all over her house trying to find Vaseline or A&D ointment to put on it, neither of which are cloth diaper friendly. And while I love that she wanted to make sure that he was cared for and as comfortable as possible, I really didn’t want to have to get that stuff out of the diaper.

So, I make sure that I always have cream in there for crazy, well-meaning grandma’s that want to slather him up.

Diaper Bag Note

FYI, cloth diapers do take up more room than disposables. So, you may want to take that into consideration when picking a diaper bag. I have this bag from Skip Hop that seems to do well for us.

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