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There is No Right Way to Cloth Diaper - Natural Atlanta Mama
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There is No Right Way to Cloth Diaper

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Diapers & Potty Training

When you think about cloth diapering, you probably have something specific in your mind. A “right way to cloth diaper”. But just like everything in your parenting journey, cloth diapering is what you make it. There is NO right way to cloth diaper. Whatever works for you and your family, is the right way for you.

So, I wanted to help stretch your mind and list some of the ways other families cloth diaper.

Ways to Cloth Diaper

You can:

Only cloth diaper on the weekends

Cloth Diaper at home and use disposables on trips, errands, church daycare, at Grandma’s house, etc.

Only use cloth diapers when your little one has a rash flare up

Cloth diaper during the day and use disposables at night

Use disposables when they are newborns and cloth when they fit into one size cloth diapers

Use disposables all the time, but use cloth swim diapers

Use cloth diapers all the time, but use disposable swim diapers

Use cloth for 6 months, then go on a trip to around the world and use disposables, then switch back to your cloth when you get home

Use cloth full time, then everyone gets sick with the flu, so you use disposables to save you from doing the laundry because you can’t do one more thing

Use 10 different types of cloth diapers because you love them all and can’t choose

Eshew all plastic and only use natural fiber soakers and lanolized wool covers

Wash all your diapers at home

Decide you love cloth, but hate the laundry (and all laundry for that matter) and find a local cloth diaper laundry service to do it for you

Use cloth covers but flushable inserts, so you only have to wash the covers

Use cloth covers and disposable inserts

Let your child run naked, who needs diapers anyway

Go hardcore and never let a disposable diaper touch your baby’s bottom, even in the hospital

Save even more money and use old flour sack towels and covers and air dry your inserts

Cloth diaper until it’s time to potty train, then use Pull-ups

Cloth diaper until it’s time to potty train, then go straight to big boy underwear

Cloth diaper for 3 months, decide it’s not worth it, then switch to disposables, realize how expensive they are, then go back to your cloth

Use cloth for 3 months, realize you hate it, switch to disposables and never look back

Use disposable, then buy one cloth to try, love it, and switch to cloth

My point is, cloth diapers are not all or nothing. And you don’t have to feel guilty about any decision you make regarding your child’s diapering.


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