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The UK Considers a Disposable Wet Wipes Ban - Natural Atlanta Mama
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The UK Considers a Disposable Wet Wipes Ban

by | May 11, 2018 | In the News

Wet wipes are a normal part of baby life, even if you are using cloth diapers. But, if you live in the UK, wet wipes of all kind may be going away as legislators consider a wet wipes ban.

The potential UK wet wipes ban has been on the horizon for many years now, due to a major sewage problem. Nearly all wet wipes (baby wipes, face cleansing wipes, cleaning wipes, etc.) are made of plastic. Even if they are labeled flushable or biodegradable, wet wipes do not breakdown like toilet paper, which can lead to clog pipes. According to a recent study, wet wipes make up 93% of the material found in sewer blockages in the UK. Wet wipes also contribute to an additional £100M in sewer maintenance costs.

This ban is part of a larger movement by Prime Minister Theresa May to eliminate “avoidable plastic waste”.

The wet wipe ban could mean several things. One option on the table is to make it illegal to buy and sell plastic based, one-time-use wipes. The other option is to add a tax to disposable wipes.

If the wet wipe ban does make it through legislation, UK mamas and papas will likely have to turn to reusable wipe solutions to keep their babies clean, and may make for some interesting market changes.

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What You Can Do

Put Your Wipes in the Trash

Remember that disposable wipes are TRASH, and therefore do not belong in the toilet. No matter where you live, you can reduce your impact on sewers and the environment by putting wipes in the trash.

If you are cloth diapering your child, and can’t find a trash can handy, put your disposable wipes into your wet bag. When it comes to wash day, there is no need to sort them out, let them run through the wash. Then, when you are putting your diapers away, pull out the wipes and dispose of them in the trash.

Use Cloth Wipes

You can skip the disposable wipes all together. If you are cloth diapering, the switch to cloth diapers is easy since you are already doing the laundry. You can make your own cloth wipes, or purchase them, then wet them as needed.

Take a Hands On Cloth Diapering Class

Cloth diapering is not as hard as it sounds. With a little bit of knowledge and patience, you can be a cloth diapering mama too. I teach a one-hour, in person, hands on class on Cloth Diapering. You will get to ask questions, see real diapers and learn from someone who’s making it work full time.