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Stop Baby from Rolling During Diaper Changes with 18 Household Items
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18 Household Items that Stop Baby from Rolling During Diaper Changes

by | May 25, 2018 | Diapers & Potty Training

When babies start flipping over, it is generally an exciting development milestone. When it comes to diaper changes though, not so much. When Jackson finally figured out how to roll over diaper changes became a power struggle. Flipping, crying, fighting. My trick: give him toys to hold his attention long enough to stop baby from rolling during diaper changes

But, if I have him the same toy every time he quickly lost interest. So I started rotating through small, common household objects to increase the variety.

18 Household Items that Stop Baby from Rolling During Diaper Changes

NOTE: Use common sense. This is not a list of toys or items to be used unsupervised. Never give babies an object that is a choking or poking hazard.

  1. Clothes Pins
  2. Spoons
  3. Measuring Cups
  4. Measuring Spoons
  5. Mason Jar Lids
  6. A Clean Cloth Wipe
  7. A Clean Diaper Insert
  8. Plastic Clothing Hanger
  9. Soft Bristled Hair Brush
  10. Comb
  11. Clean, Empty Yogurt Cup
  12. Baby Crib Shoe
  13. Clean Toothbrush
  14. Clean, Empty Plastic Bottles
  15. Clean Mama Cloth, folded up
  16. Solid, cuff style bracelets
  17. Root vegetables – carrots, potatoes, etc.
  18. Tightly-Closed Diaper Cream Tubes

Tips for Changing Diapers with Flipping Babies

Get on the Floor

I moved diaper changes to the floor to minimize the risk of Jackson rolling off of the changing table.

Hold their Arm

My husband showed me a technique that prevents you from rolling over that he learned in his high school wrestling days. If you hold the arm on the side they are trying to roll over across their body it will prevent them from rolling over. This move will most likely make them mad, but they won’t be able to roll.

Turn their Onesie into a Straight Jacket

I think this works best with younger rollers, but you can flip the onesie up and tuck their arms inside so they have less leverage to get away.

Get Everything Ready First

Even if you get baby engaged with one of the items above, they might only be interested for 60 seconds. That means that you need to maximize that time. Have your diaper pre-stuffed, wipes ready to go, clean onesie on hand, etc.

Put a Mobile Over the Changing Table

Hanging toys, clothes or a mobile over their changing table. It will give them something interesting to look at.

This is a Phase

Like all things, this is just a phase. Remember that this frustrating time will pass and before you know it they will be potty training.

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