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Top 5 Tips for Hiking with Cloth Diapers - PLUS an Essentials Packing List
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Hiking with Cloth Diapers

by | Jun 8, 2018 | Diapers & Potty Training

Hiking with cloth diapers poses some challenges, but is definitely doable. Like all outings, it requires a little planning. For simplicity, I am going to assume that you are not backpacking in the wilderness in January or climbing a mountain or thru-hiking. This article is about day hiking with cloth diapers.

Top Tips for Hiking with Cloth Diapers

You Need a Pack

In the past, you may have gone hiking with just yourself, some good shoes and a spiffy water bottle. When you are hiking with a baby, it is helpful to have a small pack. Babies’ needs are many and unpredictable. Having a small bag to tuck essentials into means a longer hike and a happier mama.

Don’t Over Pack

You probably won’t need a ton of diapers. Most young children can’t tolerate long hikes. One, maybe two diapers should be plenty. Know yourself and know your baby; if you know that your baby hates being wet or goes through diapers quickly, definitely pack what is reasonable to you.

Skip the Wet Bag

If it’s a short day hike, you don’t need a wet bag. Depending on your diaper’s design, you may be able to roll it and close it on itself. This saves some space in your bag, while keeping all the waste contained.

Pack Cloth Wipes

Normally, I’m a big fan of disposable wipes for outings. But, when you are hiking and can only fit so much in your pack, I try to reduce my baby items as much as possible. Instead of packing a large pack of disposable wipes, I pack a few cloth wipes and wet them as needed with my water bottle.

OR you can take a few disposable wipes out of the pack and put them in a sandwich bag.

Muslin Blanket

I always pack a muslin blanket when I go hiking with babies. It is very multi-functional, light weight and totally worth the space in your pack. I have used it has an impromptu cover for nursing. It can also be laid out as a picnic blanket. I’ve also used it folded in half as a changing pad.

Hiking with a Baby Packing List

  • Cloth Diaper
  • One Muslin/Lightweight Blanket
  • Basic First Aid Kit
  • Baby Sunscreen
  • Baby Sun Hat
  • Water

Take a Hands On Cloth Diapering Class

Cloth diapering is not as hard as it sounds. With a little bit of knowledge and patience, you can be a cloth diapering mama too. I teach a one-hour, in person, hands on class on Cloth Diapering. You will get to ask questions, see real diapers and learn from someone who’s making it work full time.